6 ways to obtain a Legendary item in World of Warcraft--it’s not that hard

It has been a few months since Legendary items in World of Warcraft were what players dreamed of, but today, not any more. It seems everyone owns one or two or more--legendaries are no longer rare. What? You still dont grab any? It wont be that hard if you can spend some time doing the following:

1. World Emissary Quest Rewards: Apart from the endless quests the world quest system offers, there come together daily "Emissary quests" that ask you to go to a specific zone and complete 4 world quests, which will most probably award you a legendary. (This is, by far, according to some statistics from netizen players, the easiest way to farm one.)

2. Dungeon bosses: One tip here is that Heroic Dungeons are theoretically the better place than Mythic ones to drop legendaries as you can run a heroic one any time while in mythic ones, the drop rate is per boss per week.

3. World and Raid bosses.

4. Mythic+ dungeons: Mythic+ dungeons are a new addition to Legion. With the keystone, you can activate the mythic + dungeons and if you finish it in the set time and run all 10, in the last chest rewarded, you will get ilvl860+ items, among which could be a legendary. This is also a main way to grab a legendary.

5. PVP: For those prefer PVP, theres also a chance abtaining a legendary when you complete PVP battlegrounds, and rewarded with Strongboxes.

6. Power leveling services: At last, if you dont have the time and energy but desperately want a legendary, we provide power leveling services for Raids, Mythic + dungeons and any other that you want us to do for you. (See more)

Another tip is Legendary items will drop for your current loot spec. This one is important, as many hybrid classes may be soloing in a DPS spec. Make sure your loot spec is set correctly by right-clicking your character portrait.


P.S. Will you be AFK if you dont have a legendary in Legion? You could have seen your friends or other players saying many times I wont play any more if I dont get a legendary. But they are still playing, right? If you feel ashamed that you cant run raids with others as you dont have a legendary and thus lose the fun of the game, then you should be really frustrated that you dont have some friends who are willing and happy to do it with you. Playing WOW is to some extent, a social thing. You can still have a lot of fun with or without a legendary with really game friends. Thats an important part making World of Warcraft popular for 12 years.