A gold seller’s view to Trion’s removing gold—gold sellers are here for a reason

Two days ago, Trion released an announcement that they are cleaning up those gold bought or gifted by hackers, gold farming bots, mules, and storage accounts, which surges huge waves on every ArcheAge forum. Players posted their pros and cons, worries and concerns, ’cos innocent players have great chances to get the punishment. An honest gold seller is always cross about hackers and bots too, for these are what gold sellers are often regarded as. So while Trion said they encouraged a refund from gold sellers but they would not be returning gold purchased, it really irritates gold sellers. Gold sellers actually have their place in the game world because gold sellers are here for a reason. (Note: Gold sellers in this article means well-organized companies selling legally farmed gold.)

1. Gold sellers are honest businessmen who just find opportunities in-game.

Gold sellers doesn’t mean hackers. (There do exist hackers but not those registered companies pursuing for good reputation and prolonged development. ) Gold sellers just act as a third party collecting gold from those who have a lot (mostly from those players farming gold themselves and having a surplus) and selling it to those who are in need. Where there is need, there is business. Gold sellers catch the chance. They try not to have any connection with hackers for they know that’s illegal in-game and those who cooperate with these gold sellers are players or groups they know farming gold legally. 

2. Gold sellers boost the in-game economy.

Not all players have time and energy devoting to their favorite games. Gold sellers help them keeping active in-game so that they have strong will continuing. They offer a platform for those who have something to sell but cannot sell them out in a short time. This is a terrible situation when some have redundant gold and others badly need it, but they can never find an opportunity to do the trade in-game. Gold sellers are the ones assisting the trade so players can happily farm and get what they need most. In the end, players will find more fun in-game and both the developers, publishers and players, gold sellers benefit. 

3. Gold sellers represent the development of the game industry.

Ever since MMOG came into people’s life, edge industries—gold farming, gold selling, botting, power leveling—some through hard work, some illegal, emerged. First in disorder, then gold sellers came out and that’s how the mmog secondary market developed, making the whole market more orderly and the game industry more thriving and prosperous. But it is firmly believed that only those gold sellers who are sincere and honest in this field, who solve every customer’s problem with great service can finally survive.   


Gold sellers prefer a win-win situation and what Trion, other game publishers and developers as well, really has to do is to deal with hackers and bots instead of ascribing all the responsibilities to honest gold sellers.