ArcheAge is launching on September 16

We are really excited to know that the launch date of ArcheAge is set and it’s on September 16. This is how the official site has announced the exciting news:


To all of Erenor’s intrepid adventurers, be you fierce warriors, brave explorers, fearsome pirates, or skilled crafters: we welcome you as a member of ArcheAge’s launch community! Revealed this evening in Seattle at PAX Prime 2014 to an audience of your fellow players, Trion Worlds and XLGAMES are proud to officially announce that ArcheAge will launch on Tuesday, September 16.

Open Beta: 9/4-9/8

Head Start: 9/12-9/16

Launch: 9/16

Our road to launch starts with Open Beta commencing on Thursday, September 4 at 10:00 AM PDT and run to the same time on Monday, September 8. Open Beta will be available to all new and veteran players with no invitation required. If you’ve played during Closed Beta, your character will be waiting for you and your timers on crops and taxes will pick up right where they left off. Following Open Beta, we will be wiping all servers in preparation for ArcheAge’s Head Start, a four-day advance play window granted to all Founders. Head Start starts on Friday, September 12 at 10:00 AM PDT and culminates with ArcheAge’s official launch. All progress from Head Start will carry over to launch.

It’s important to note that this announcement does mark the end of Alpha. The Alpha and Omega servers will be permanently brought down Sunday, August 31 at 12:00 AM, but not without due fanfare. Starting this Saturday at 6:00 PM PDT, our diligent Alpha testers should check their in-game mail, keep a weather eye on the horizon, and be ready for anything…

Not yet a Founder? Claim access to Head Start and begin your adventure in ArcheAge four days early with special in-game loot! Silver, Gold, and Archeum Founder’s Packs will be available all the way through to launch on September 16. You can prepare for Open Beta now by using Glyph to update or install ArcheAge. If you have more questions about ArcheAge, please visit our updated FAQ.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, ArcheAge adventurers. The world of Erenor is about to open and we’re glad you’re here!

The ArcheAge Team


Thanks for your reading. See you on Erenor!!