ArcheAge is launching

In a few hours’ time will come the launch of ArcheAge. We have been waiting for it for too long a time and are so eager to start the game.

Free-to-play makes the game even more attractive to most players. Yet many players have begun it as there is a four-day head start. Whatever, by 10:00 AM on Sept. 16 (PDT), everybody is able to access the game.

It is known to us that some issues popped up during the head start, making it “the worst head start ever”, some players put it this way. The two major issues are some Founders haven’t been granted their Patron status, placing them in the general queue instead of the priority queue and having gameplay impacts as well. Additionally, some players have also not received their Founder’s Pack perks.

Of course the team is working to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. To solve the population burgeoning problem, two new servers have been added based on the overwhelming demand. By the time it is officially released, things will get better.

Wish everything goes well and every one of you have fun.