ArcheAge prison break: An exciting experience

We have known the justice system in ArcheAge, which is to keep all things in-game balanced, but inevitably, you will commit a crime by murdering other players from the same faction or stealing plants or livestock from other players. As long as you accumulate the crime points by 50, you have to go to court and plead case to a jury of five other players and have the possibility to accept a short prison sentence about over 13 hours of in-game jail time.

Once you are in prison, your activities are limited to only a few things:

1.Talk with other inmates
2.Play soccer
3.Break crates to obtain striped prison clothing
5.Kill rats

If you get bored in the jail, you still have another thing to do—to escape, which also means prison breaking. You may have watched Prison Break. That’s pretty cool. Here in ArcheAge this process is not that hard, but it can be exciting. How to prison break then? 

1.Acquire 5 spoons to get a key

Click the ground of jail you can dig the key with 5% chance which would waste 1 labor point each time.

2. Find the Room to clear 5 wallpapers

Head back down into the dungeon and locate the room with the fire pit next to it. Click on the Tattered Wallpaper to uncover the Jailbreak Dirt Mound.

3. Get the freedom ladder

Once you’ve used your spoons to clear 5 stages of Jailbreak Dirt Mound, you will find the ladder of freedom!

However, the ladder has a very short duration, so be agile. But the fact is you only have more space to go around after a successful prison breaking, while the activities are still limited until the sentenced time is up.