ArcheAge third new continent Auroria unlocked on November 4

Although players can see the continent of Auroria on the map in ArcheAge, they can't access it. However, all is about to change on November 4, when the new continent will be unlocked. The opening of Auroria will usher in not only new adventures but more land for player homes and farms. Read the details:

Two thousand years ago, the citizens of Auroria fled their homeland after a catastrophic war. Now you stand poised to lead their glorious return.

The Conquest of Auroria opens a magical realm filled with limitless opportunity and dangerous new perils. Prepare to explore a new continent, dungeon, siege warfare, and more – all targeted for launch on November 4!

Claim and Conquer

Six new zones will open with the launch of Auroria and four will be available for a guild to claim and rule from the safety of their player-built castle. 30% more housing space will be available to players throughout these four claimable zones.

To claim one of the new zones, a guild leader must cleanse its Archeum Lodestone with a new Purifying Archeum tradepack. Cleansing the Lodestone designates them as Lord and gives them power over the zone’s land. The Lord’s guild may then construct a castle to surround the Lodestone, protecting it from would-be usurpers. (The designs for individual castle sections can be purchased on Mirage Isle.) Each Lord collects property taxes in the form of gold from all individuals who build in their zone and can also destroy any dwellings erected within their castle’s walls.

Periodically, a siege declaration item for each zone will appear on the Auction House and the highest bidder will win the rights to siege that specific zone’s Lodestone at a designated time. If victorious, that guild’s leader will claim the title of Lord, all of the accompanying powers, and become the new owner of the zone’s castle (or what remains of it!).

New Dungeon, Vehicles, and More

Serpentis, an end-game dungeon intended for10 players, debuts with the launch of Auroria – though only the strongest and bravest adventurers should seek to enter its dreaded halls!

New elite enemies and field bosses will emerge from their lairs to challenge intrepid souls hungry for great rewards.

The Farm Wagon will be available for construction! A double upgrade over the Farm Cart, this vehicle can hold a total of four trade packs for maximum trade route efficiency.

Finally, the Steamfish Submarine will swim into availability. Build your own and dive into a new era of stylish underwater exploration!

A Way Home

Long ago, twelve adventurers discovered the Garden, the source of all magic in the world of Erenor. Granted phenomenal powers, some became great Heroes blessed with immense strength and magical might, while others ascended to the status of Gods. Such great power was not without cost, and the toll on their minds, rivalries, and hearts eventually split the friends into warring factions. It was at this time that Kyrios, the God of Destruction, led his undead Crimson Army in a bloody conquest across the continent of Auroria.

Unable to stop the Crimson Army’s advance, an alliance of Gods and Heroes united to stop their former friend. Three Heroes, Aranzeb, Tahyang, and Melisara, lured Kyrios to the Garden and sacrificed their lives to keep him trapped inside. Meanwhile, Nui, the Goddess of Death and the Hereafter, gave her life to open a magic portal through which the people of Auroria could escape the destruction of their homeland. The entrance to the Garden was then sealed, trapping Kyrios inside. However, with the vital link to its magic severed, Auroria turned into a barren wasteland.

Now, two thousand years later, Auroria’s exiled races have discovered a way to restore the continent’s magic using Archeum. The time fast approaches for Nuians, Harani, Firran, and Elves to journey to Auroria and reclaim their ancestral homeland!