ArenaNet to Expand PvP of Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet,developer of Guild Wars 2, is planning to expand its current PvPdevelopment in an attempt to push its fantasy MMO into the big leagues ofeSports gaming. 

TheWashington-based studio aims to turn the Guild Wars sequel into themost popular PvP game within the MMO genre, game director Colin Johanson toldPolygon; however, more work is required before they make their next move.

"Fromlaunch we really just didn't have the things in place required to make PvPreally successful," said Johanson. "But we're getting to the pointright now where that stuff is really coming in fully.

Asa result of the time needed to spend working on this aspect of the game, we haven't had a whole lot of an opportunityto grow that into the major  eSports scene.