Be Prepared for Living World Season Two

With the secondseason of the Living World right around the corner there is a very short timeperiod to get a few things done. Some of these things to do focus on contentthat will be leaving when the update hits and others are for making sure youare ready for when the content does arrive. Either way make sure you are readyfor when the content comes and don’t be left wishing you spent your time onthese things.

Level Up to 80

One of the mostimportant things about Season Two, that we have been told of so far, is theLiving World Journal that will be releasing. This journal will allow one toreplay past Season Two Living World content but only if they are level 80. Thatmeans if you want the first Living World stories added to your journal youbetter make sure to get to 80 now.

On top of this ithelps to be capped out in levels for any difficult content that is released withthe new season. Being up-leveled to content does exist but it doesn’tnecessarily do a good job of setting your stats to the point they need to befor the content. Getting to 80 now just means you are ready for all of thecontent that comes in the future which ArenaNet has hinted to being much moredifficult.

You can findour guide to leveling up to 80 fast on before news.

Boss Blitz and theQueen’s Pavilion

We don’t know whenthe Queen’s Pavilion will come back after the second season starts. This is thetime to get all the achievements associated with the Queen’s Pavilion done. Itis also important to get those Favors of the Pavilion now if you need to getthem.

Zephyr Sanctum

Just like Queen’sPavilion we don’t know when the Zephyrites will return to the LabyrinthineCliffs. Get your crystal collecting done now. This is also the time to makesure you get a Favor of the Bazaar and all of the achievements associated withthe Festival of the Four Winds.

Spend Your Tokens

Leaving with theZephyrites will be all of the festival rewards you can get with your tokens andyour Favors of the Festival. If you haven’t picked up any skins, or specialmining nodes, that you wanted then you need to do so now. Aside from that youcan spend your tokens on Heavy Crafting Bags, Tomes of Knowledge or ObsidianShards just to give yourself enough of a head start in crafting or playing withother characters.