Behind the Scenes: May 2013

Awesome New High-level Plants with Cross-skill Training Opportunities for Farmers! (Runescape Members Only) 

High-level farmers among you will get your green fingers on 10 new plants this month. Their level requirements will range from level 76 to 96, and they'll make use of less-used plots like hops, flowers and allotments, so they'll be a great help on the way to 99. 

hey come with a bunch of other great benefits to boot, including opportunities to get XP in other skills once they're grown. Steal the fruit from the jaws of a Venus fly trap, for example, and you'll be able to eat it for a chunk of Thieving XP (just mind your hands!) or pull up sunchoke tubers for some outdoor Strength training. You'll also be able to use your Construction skill to build grape vines, and then grow grapes and make god-themed wines, which can be used to enhance god brew potions.