Blizzard Backtracks on Flying Achievement Requirements

In a new post on the World of Warcraft community site, the dev team has announced a pair of significant changes to upcoming patch 7.2 and the requirements to 'earn' flying in Legion's Broken Isles. 

Originally, players would have been required to complete a lengthy multi-achievement / quest series called Breaching the Tomb that included on piece (Shard Times quest) requiring 50,000 Nethershards to finish. The drp rate of Nethershards in 7.2 where they first begin to show up was very low making gathering 50,000 prohibitive. Developers have now backtracked on that requirement, reducing it to 2500 Nethershards and when approaching Khadgar to turn it in, he sheepishly only asks for 1.

Additionally, Breaching the Tomb would have required players to complete each character's Order Hall campaign and earn exalted status with the forces of Legionfall. Completing Breaching the Tomb has now been removed as a barrier to flying.

On PTR, players can now unlock flying in the Broken Isles by completing the following:

This is good news indeed.

You can read the full discussion on the World of Warcraft community site.