Bosses overview in Highmaul Raid

A few days ago, several guilds have successfully finished Mythic Highmaul. In this raid instance, it has the hardest difficulty. If your guild wants to have a try, this overview of the seven bosses is worth reading. 

The instance is only partly linear in terms of boss order. Kargath Bladefist must be killed first, after which your raid can choose to kill The Butcher, Tectus, and Brackenspore in any order, or simply to skip all three of them and move on straight to the Twin Ogron. The last two bosses, Ko'ragh and Imperator Mar'gok must be killed in this order.

Kargath Bladefist is accompanied by a set of adds, with some raid members regularly behind sent "into the stands of the arena". This boss will also act as an initial gear check for your raid.

The Butcher is a single-target fight that will put your raid's tanks and healers under a lot of strain. The Butcher's damage output is truly massive. The fight is somewhat reminiscent of the encounter against Patchwerk in Naxxramas.

Tectus is a boss that has somewhat peculiar mechanics, compared to the previous encounters. Only killable at certain times during the fight, when Tectus finally does die, he splits into two copies of himself and the fight continues from there, and this process happens once more before the fight is over. This is an encounter that will require your raid to move and position themselves very accurately.

Brackenspore is a giant bog monster that continuously covers the floor in damaging moss that your raid needs to keep removing. Your raid will have to battle Brackenspore and his minions, while also seeking the favour of some friendly adds.

The Twin Ogron encounter has your raid face off against Pol and Phemos.This is the "twin" encounter of the tier, one which places a lot of emphasis on the positioning of the two bosses relatively to one another.

Ko'ragh is probably the penultimate boss of the raid. The fight against him is repetitive, although it does gradually increase in difficulty as it goes on. DPS players have a lot of important responsibilities during this encounter.

Finally, your raid will have to defeat Imperator Mar'gok, the last boss of the instance. This is by far the longest and most complex encounter in Highmaul, consisting not only of 4 phases, but also of two transition phases. Every aspect of your raid will be put to the test.