Build 18522---WoD beta update

Brief introduction

1.  Several new legendary items were added inthis Beta realm: 


  Abrogator Stone

  Felbreaker's Tome

Sigil of the Sorcerer King

2.  Brawler’s guild achievements were upgraded to be Legacy achievements, and were now named “Season 1” achievements

3.  Warriors got several new level 45 talents

4.  Tailors got a new mount named Creeping Carpet

Other updates:

Dark Portal Updated

Season 16 Death Knight Armor Set

It seems like the belt buckle and shoulders are missing from this build.

Season 16 Warlock Armor Set

This set has a bug that prevents the gloves from showing.

Tier 17 Mythic Death Knight Set

Yes, believe what you have seen, most of the set is missing for now.

Season 16 Mage Armor Set

New Weapon

New Creatures

New Icons

Thank you.