Build 18594---WoD beta update

Build 18594 was deployed today. Let’s seewhat was new for this new Beta realm.

Druids got a new talent: Claws of Shirvallah that uses the Saberon model with different animations. And the skin varies according to the race.

The garrison buildings could create tent. It would grant a 10% to all stats buff for 1 hour or could be used to gain the rested buff when logging out.

Many holidays got new and updated items.

New login screen music was added.

Several new cosmetic items were added.

Season 16 Elite sets were added for Warrior, Death Knight and Priest.

Warrior Season 16 Elite

Death Knight Season 16 Elite

Hunter Season 16 Elite

Priest Season 16 Elite

A new high quality raptor model was added, along with several variations.

Other new creatures

New icons

Thanks for reading.

Nice weekend for all^^