Build 18716---WoD beta update

Today we will have a look at an new Beta realms update-- build 18716.

1. Pygmy Cow( RAF) is not a new Recruit a Friend mount.

2. The Molten Corgi is rewarded by WoW’s 10th anniversary. You will need to log in during the anniversary time and get this reward.

3. The Core Hound Chain is rewarded by defeating the event version of Ragnaros during the WoW Anniversary celebration.

4. New models

A new HD version of the Bulwark of Azzinoth model has been added.

5. New icons

There are also some new items, new weapon Enchant Transmogs and mount changes in this new Beta, but at last, I would like to share you with some new music in WoD.

PS: this is only part of the list for thenew music in WoD.

As to me, I enjoy the second the most, howabout you?


This is sunny, have a nice day for all^^