Collect enough Distilled Titan Essence to upgrade your level 910 legendaries to level 940

Nighthold is to be open tomorrow. Maybe you have noticed from Blizzard blue post that since patch 7.1.5, questions about legendary items upgrade have been raised frequently. You may also wonder how you can upgrade your level 910 legendary to level 940.

Actually once the Nighthold is open, new lengedaries will already be level 940. For the legendaries you already own, you some special essence to upgrade them which is called Essences of Aman’thul and it can be collected through doing a quest “Touch of a Titan”, which can be found in the following locations:


Nighthold Raid Bosses

Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache

Emissary Bags

PvP Weekly Quests


You are not able to find it? Well, it will hit with the opening of Nighthold. So wait a day more and good luck.