Count Down for the Coming Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV new patch-- Heavensward would be available on June 23,2015. You could get a code for early access. And the PC key just fits PC, and PS4 key fits PS4 only.

Beside the information about the next patch on official site(new story, races, jobs etc), I would like to share some more useful information here now.

For some players who have not finished A Realm Reborn story line yet, it would not take so long time to have done it. (tips: it is much fast to get into main line dungeons ).After your level up to 50, you may go to complete the 5 huge stories, it would take you some time, then the post-50 story would be more easier and just spend you several days if you work hard on it. By the way, you can gather double experience with the new character during 1-50 level duties.

First you should complete the existing whole story(up to 2.55), then you could access the Heavensward content and unlock new jobs to enter area Ishgard. But while you play the ARR content, you still cannot enter it. You should know the new jobs are Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist, the basic class for those jobs is 30 level, then you should study some skill to level up. But you cannot choose the new jobs with a new character. All the jobs in Heavensward would have new abilities. The Full level for this patch is up to level60. At start, your house would not be available in Ishgard, also your flying mount cannot be used in ARR content. About the item level, there is no need to equip much high because it would be replaced later on.

For the new players who just reach level 50, you should go to farm dungeons to get tomes and Crystal Tower immediately. If you have much FFXIV Gil, you also could buy gears. It would be more faster to make the gap small with the item level 70-90. Especially the weapon level is the most significant among all item level.The main task is to finish the existing story then you could enter the new story line to experience the new jobs and scenario.

Moreover, the level for all crafters and gatherers would update to 60 in Heavensward. One crafter could have 3 jobs at level 55. You could gather some fixed abilities and recipes with those 3 jobs. There is still some unknown information, but it could help you in the new crafting end-game.

Some new players wonder what is the best time to start playing Final Fantasy XIV, I think any time is the best time for you as long as you really want to join us. Good luck and enjoy in Heavensward.