Desktop wallpapers in Legion: weapon for each class

We found this beautiful work from a WOW player and would like to share with you all. Great wallpapers.

Death Knight (original pic)   More(1  2)

Demon Hunter (original pic)   More (1)


Druid (Original pic)  More (1  2  3)


Hunter (Original pic)  More (1  2)


Mage (original pic)  More (1  2)


Monk (original pic)  More (1  2)


Paladin (Original pic)  More (1  2)


Priest (original pic)  More (1  2)


Rogue (original pic)  More (1  2)


Shaman (Original pic)  More (1  2)


Warlock (original pic)  More (1  2)


Warrior (original pic)  More (1  2)

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