Do you know something about Veteran Rank and vampire bite?

I see a lot, and I mean A LOT of people quitting when they get to veteran ranks.
Its not because its hard. No, its because its a pure quest grind at that point.
Monsters that gave you 300-500 experience at level 45+, 50 veteran points if you are lucky.
No exploration veteran points, no chest veteran points, quest veteran points is way lower. And to get to VR 2, well thats only 456,000 veteran points. I was getting like 2000 veteran points per quest. If that holds up its only about 200 quests to VR2...
So the ONLY thing left to do is grind quests, and grind them hard.Do you know something about the items Grain solvent and Tempering Alloy?

And also the vampire bite? Well, there are a lot to share. To be continued...