Elder Scrolls Online - How to Change Servers on PC (with Pictures)

When The Elder Scrolls Online North American megaserver went down,players had the option of either waiting for the 13 1/2 hour long maintenancewindow to end, or to change to the European megaserver that was still up andrunning. Most people did not want to switch because it seemed the game makesyou download the entire 20 gigabytes all over again.

Good news: You do not have to download again to switch megaservers. I havegone step-by-step through the process to document what to do to get the secondmegaserver running on your PC.

Step 1: Change Megaserver

Load the gamelauncher and click on the cog icon in the upper right hand corner. Thiswill load your settings screen. Under the megaserver drop down menu, click onthe one you wish to switch to. Click Apply. If it starts to install, hit pause and thenclose the launcher. If not, close the launcher.

Step 2: Set Up Folders

Go to your ProgramFiles and find the folder for Zenimax Online (for 64-bit users, this will be inthe Program Files (x86) directory). The folders that you will need are:

·                The Elder Scrolls Online

·                The Elder Scrolls Online EU

If you are switchingto the European server, you will need to create the EU folderif not already available. Ifyou are switching to the North American server, you will need to create thefolder lacking EU. Open the folder that has all youroriginal files. Select all three folders and right-click.In the menu, click copy.

Go back to the new folder and paste the filesby right clicking and choosing paste. This will take a while as the computerpastes 20 gigs or more of files.

Step 3:Run the Launcher

The launcher willfirst check the files and attempt to install the game. Let the install run till about 3% and hit pause.

After you hit pause, look for the Game Options locatedunder the News headline. Click on it and a menu will drop. Hit cancel.

Once you have hit cancel, the launcher shouldnow have an update button instead of an install button. If it still says install,you did not let the install run far enough. Letinstall run a bit longer and retry game options.

Step 4: Repair Files

If your screen doeshave an update button, click on Game Options again. You will have four options tochoose from. Choose Repair.

The game will then began to check the downloadfor any missing files.

Once finished, the Play button will show.

Note:If patches need to be installed, instead of play button, the game will begindownloading and installing the patch files before showing the Play button.