Farm Gold Fast

Farming gold always takes lots of your time and energy. Are there some efficient ways to get much more WOW gold fast? Yeah, here there are.
There are some best spots to farm gold ,which will certainly save your time and power.
You can choose the Azshara and the Eastern Plaguelands. You just need to kill the blood elves as much as you can, and then you will get the gold, cloth and other items that can be sold for gold at the Auction House. 
The spot of Dire Maul Tribute will be more difficult to farm gold. However, if you can cooperate with a group, you will find that this spot is really a nice farming spot. You can also search the guide online for suggestions. For the spot of Stratholme, you also should to find a group to fight with you. You will finish this quest less than 30 minutes and get lots of gold there if you have a group. 
The last spot is Uldaman. You will gain the ability for disenchanting the items if you can complete this part. All you need to do is just stepping into the Uldaman and making your way to Dig Three. Find the Galgann Firehammer and defeat him, and then pick up the items so that you can disenchant them easily.
These spots are the best spots to farm gold. You can search on the map and go into these areas to quest. You will get more fun with these challenging quests.