FATE in Final Fantasy XIV: Have you been there?

One of the gameplay in FF XIV is Full Active Time Events, which is also known as FATEs. These are special kind of events occurring randomly while players are exploring the world in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This can be fun and the following is more about FATEs and hope you can enjoy yourself there.


How do you enter FATEs?


Well, actually, you don’t have to enter it intentionally because once you find the area, you will be automatically pulled into the event. You just need to interact with the environment or an NPC to initiate it. Those areas are indicated on the map by a purple circle. When you get close enough to one, you will get a message informing you that “FATE has been found nearby”. Each zone has about 5 to 10 FATEs. A tip goes that never try to get to a far away FATE area, for by the time you get there, it may have been completed.


What can you do in FATEs?


When you join an event, a list of quests will be overwritten, such as killing enemies, healing, collecting the objective items, using buffs and debuffs. The most basic type is to fight against hordesof weak enemies. Needless to say, there do exist some FATE types that include stronger Notorious Monsters. Others may require you to collect items and deliver them to a near-by NPC, etc.


What can you get from FATEs?


Every player entering into a FATE will be rewarded. The rewards are divided into three tiers depending on the player’s participation and his level. The higher the level is, the heavier reward he will get. Most of the time, the rewards are gil, experience and grand company seals, but there are unique item rewards and achievements especially when you enter those FATEs in upper levels by the time you meet Behemoth and Odin, the monsters.