FFXIV patch 2.4 and the first expansion pack

Patch 2.4 is around the corner on Oct.24, but there is an even bigger news for FFXIV fans: the game producer Naoki Yoshida has announced the first expansion pack for the game during the fan festival this year. Here is more details:


The new expansion is titled Heavensward.  It will be focused on the Northern city of Ishgard.

l  New Primal’s, including an exclusive for FFXIV

l  New raids for end game players

l  Player airships will be implemented. Free companies will be able to work together and make their own airships.

l  Level cap will be increased to 60 for all jobs and professions.

l  several new jobs

l  A slew of new areas to explore

l  At least 4 new dungeons,

l  New gear and additional crafting recipes

l  A new playable race for both male and female characters

The new expansion pack is currently slated for spring of 2015. The exact release date and specific details are unknown at this time. But patch 2.4 would already be enough to satisfy all fans.


Watch the trailers now: