FIFA 17--Endless possibilities. You'll love it.

FIFA 17 is about to be released on Sept. 27 in North America (Sept. 29 for the rest of the world). Web APP is already open for you and I guess many of you have learned something from it, if you dont play it yourself, then at least from some recent videos or streams.

Except those unsurpassed features the game series offered, such as ultimate team, FIFA 17, to a large extent, will bring totally different gaming experience from the former series, which becomes the unique reasons to attract you falling in love with this game:

1. Frostbite lighting is spectacular

FIFA 17 is powered by a brand-new game engine--Frostbite. This game engine allows developers to push the limits of realism in player and stadium modelling, while also introduces sweeping innovations. "The move to Frostbite allowed us to develop new features that were not supported by the previous engine including the new cinematic story mode in FIFA 17, The Journey," explained Ed Kilham, technical director of the FIFA series.  

2. The Journey is shockingly fun

This new game mode puts players in the boots of Alex Hunter, a young football prodigy who dreams of breaking through in the Premier League. Your performances on the pitch and decisions away from the action all have a direct influence on the evolution of your career, as well as your relations with your coach, team-mates and supporters. The Journey offers the unique experience of an inside look at the football world.

3. So many little details are getting right

Gameplay is redesigned. Fans of the game will immediately feel at home while discovering new techniques, especially in attack, with players now enjoying fresh options for dribbling, dummying, passing and shooting – all with a view to creating chances and scoring incredible goals. There are new physical interactions. Artificial intelligence is taken to new heights, so is the set-piece mechanics.

In a word, endless possibilities are in the game to keep you busy for a long time. Whats more important, you need a reliable source of coins to help you energized. To buy FIFA 17 coins,  SSE-GAMES can be your best choice as you can also find cheap FIFA 17 coins here.