Get ready for Patch 5.2 PTR Mists of Pandaria--How to get your gear level to lvl 480!

There comes Patch 5.2 PTR with brand newepic raid——Throne of Thunder King. You might come to face the challenge ofThunder King. However, you have to get your average item level to lvl 480 atleast. And for now you might be feeling some upset as your item level is somelow, you are afraid of being not able to experience the new epic raid. Cheer upguys, here are some tips, through what you could get your characters ready forthe biggest event.


 Random Raids 

If your gear levels are around lvl460-470,then you should never miss every random raid of Gaurdians of Mogu'shanper week, as drops here are about lvl 476;if you have come to lvl 470 then itmight mean you have joined random raids weekly very often, in that case, youshould never miss drops in Plat of Endless Spring and Heart of Fear; then makeit run in this way, you would easily get your satisfying gears. Notice: Youshould make sure you have used the lucky coins before you enter the boss thatmight have the gears you need.


Auction House 

Auction House is regarded as paradise ofthose Tall-Rich-Handsomes'/Whie-Rich-Beautifuls'. If money is no problem to youthen epic gears shouldn't be a problem to you either, you all should know itwell, don't you? Even if you don't have much money on you, you could come tohave a look.Sometimes, you might gain some epics cheap by chance. And you shouldpay more attention to the legendary darkmoon cards, which always exist beyondgear level. Though they got low gear level, they got unexpected power onplaying. If you get some, level them up to lvl484,they will help you a lot inthe challenge in Patch 5.2 PTR.



Reputation of Klaxxi respected would makeyou be able to exchange valor lvl 489 Necklace, when exalted, you couldexchange lvl 489 Waist and Feet, if honored, you could gain a lvl 489 ring byfinishing a quest; Reputation of the Golden Lotus could help you get lvl 489Shoulder, Chest and Necklace. Try to do some more dailies here and there togain more reputation of the waypoints’, and you would find out it is worthywhen you are able to exchange for higher level gears around.



I think you should never miss the dropsfrom those elites here and there, who might bring you lvl 486 or 496 gears, youcould use some lucky coins certainly if you want to gain good luck!


Black Market 

Get enough WOW gold to chase for your luck!