Guidance on choosing an appropriate class in WoW

For the players just starting in World of Warcraft, the class and race options can present a dizzying variety of options.It is not an easy work for players to find an appropriate class.

How does a player know if the class he orshe considering today is going to still be interesting next week or in the nextten levels? Hopes this new player class guides will be useful.

Today, we are going to talk about theshaman, a class that channels the raw power of the elements to heal or harm. Ifyou are a shaman, you can not only act as a healer but also can melee damage tothe enemies. What’s more, if you are a shaman, you will have a flexibility to playthe way you want.

But there is a thing you need to pay attention that if you are interested in playing as a shaman, you will have limited racial selection. Your only options are draenei, goblin, orc, tauren, troll, and pandaren. So if other races strike your fancy, the shaman class just won’t be for you.