Guild Wars 2 New Weapon Revealed, Blinking Weapons

Are you lookingfor the new weapons in GW2? 

Recently, someplayer posted a set of code for the new weapons without weapon namesin Guild Wars 2 notice board. 

All of the weaponseries can blink, which look weird. It’s not clear when ArenaNet will releasethe weapons. Now let’s have a look at the blinking weapons.

Below are thecodes of the blinking weapons. You can preview them in the game by right click.

Rifle: [&AgGFpgAA]

Scepter: [&AgGIpgAA]

Short Bow: [&AgGOpgAA]

Staff: [&AgGRpgAA]

Sword: [&AgGUpgAA]

Torch: [&AgGXpgAA]

Warhorn: [&AgGapgAA]

Greatsword: [&AgF2pgAA]

Longbow: [&AgF8pgAA]

Hammer: [&AgF5pgAA]

Mace: [&AgF9pgAA]

Focus: [&AgFzpgAA]

Dagger: [&AgFwpgAA]

Axe: [&AgFspgAA]