Guild Wars 2 US Server April Updates-Add New Dungeons

On April 30 next week, the finalof Living Story will emerge with a brand new dungeon to all theplayers. In addition, sPvP team will try their best to bring us“e-sport” PvP. Following the patch on April 30, Custom PvPArenas and Spectator Mode are coming. Enough? Let’s have a talkin details.

The living story concept that Flame andFrost has been built around is a bit different than the personal story some ofyou might be more familiar with. Rather than being confined to the boundariesof an instance, what happens in the Flame and Frost story missions is reflectedout in the explorable world. World events will come and go, and the entire gameworld is fair game for new content and experiences. This first round of livingstory content has brought players east to the Shiverpeaks and plains ofAscalon, where a deadly alliance between the Flame Legion and dredge has beenforged. In this installment, Rox and Braham will lead the charge intoan entirely new dungeon; the Molten Weapon Facility.

Once the roughly 40-50 minute dungeon instance has been completed, itwill be time to bask in the sweet rewards that you can only find in this dungeon. ArenaNet waspretty tight-lipped on the specifics, so it’s unclear what the rewards will beor how they will be given to each member of the party