Happy Chinese New Year--WOW Lunar Festival Celebartion Guide

Chinese New Year is coming in 4 days. As always, WOW has hosted a Lunar Festival celecration for its players. This year, it lasts from January 21 to February 4 among the druids of Moonglade, where large festival camps feature fireworks launchers, festive lanterns, and exotic beams of light capable of teleporting players to capital cities.

During the Lunar Festival, players can visit ghostly Elders located throughout Azeroth and Northrend to give their respects and honor their ancestor's spirit. In return, the Elder will reward the player with reputation and Coin of Ancestry, which can be used to purchase seasonal attire and patterns from special vendors in Moonglade. These seasonal patterns teach skilled players to craft festival outfits (including suits and dresses) or explosive new fireworks! Player will also be called upon to defeat the corrupted demi-god Omen who stirs beneath the waters of Moonglade's Lake Elune'ara.

Completion of all of the holiday achievements specified by To Honor One's Elders will grant a player title - Elder <Name>.

    Elders of Cataclysm

    Elders of Kalimdor

    Elders of the Horde

    Elders of Northrend

    Lunar Festival Finery

    Frenzied Firecracker

    Elders of Eastern Kingdoms

    Elders of the Dungeons

    Elders of the Alliance

    50 Coins of Ancestry

    The Rocket’s Red Glare

    Elune’s Blessing

2017 added three toys:

    Dragon Head Costume for 25 Coin of Ancestry

    Dragon Body Costume for 10 Coin of Ancestry

    Dragon Tail Costume for 25 Coin of Ancestry



Visit Wowhead’s Lunar Festival Guide to learn more.