How to get and spend Garrison Resources in Warlords of Draenor

Garrison Resources are used to construct and upgrade all the buildings in your garrison and level your Town Hall. They can also be used to get Seal of Tempered Fate for Tier 17 bonus rolls.


How to get Garrison Resources:

1. You naturally accumulate Garrison Resources over time, which can be looted from an elaborate chest next to your Town Hall.

2. Most rares drop Garrison Resources every time you kill them. Some also drop items like Icemother Milk which create Garrison Resources.

3. Many treasure chests in Draenor contain Garrison Resources. When you complete all quests in a zone, you can buy a map like Shadowmoon Valley Treasure Map which puts all chests in the zone on the map.

4. Many Quests reward Garrison Resources.

5. Many Garrison Missions reward Garrison Resources.

6. Your Lumber Mill Level 3 can provide additional Garrison Resources. This building grants you the ability to chop down trees around Draenor--10 Timber creates one Work Order for 20 Garrison Resources.

7. You can build a Lumber Mill Level 1 when you have completed questing in Gorgrond or have hit 94. You can increase the amount of Garrison Resources per work order if you obtain Phylarch the Evergreen after reaching Lumber Mill Level 3.


Treasures and Rares in Draenor

Rare Drop Items that Reward Garrison Resources: Preserved Hydra Blood, Magnaron Heart, Giant KaliriEgg, Icemother Milk, Pile of Frostfire Turnips, Shadowmoon Astrologer's Almanac, Recipe: Fiona's Remedy.

Remember that all rares will drop varying amounts of Garrison Resources everytime you kill them.

Treasure Chest Items that Reward Garrison Resources: Amethyl Crystal, Draenic Crystal Fragments, Surplus Auchenai Weaponry, Iron Horde Weapon Cache, Toxicfang Venom, Exploratron 2000 Spare Parts


How to spend Garrison Resources: 

Each building size and level has a different amount of Garrison Resources needed to build it. 


Level 1 is 50 and 150,

Level 2 is 100 and 300

Level 3 is 300 and 500


Level 1 is 100 and 150,

Level 2 is 300 and 300,

Level 3 is 600 and 500


Level 1 is 150 and 150,

Level 2 is 900 and 300,

Level 3 is 1200 and 500


Level 2 is 50 and 300,

Level 3 is 100 and 500

Your Town Hall requires Garrison resources to be upgraded to Level 2 200 and Level 3 2000.

Merchants from your Trading Post Level1 sell crafting reagents (herbs, meat, fish) for varying amounts of Garrison Resources--some days have better deals than others.

Your Garrison Innkeeper sells Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning for 100 Garrison Resources, which provides an experience buff, as well as several items to help you on Missions for 60 Garrison Resources: Enduring Vial of Swiftness, Enchanted Crystal of Replenishment, Enchanted Crystal of Freezing.

Garrison Resources can be used to obtain Seal of Tempered Fate from Fate-Twister Seress and Fate-Twister Tiklal in your capital city hubs via  Sealing Fate: Garrison Resources,  Sealing Fate: Stockpiled Garrison Resources, and  Sealing Fate: Tremendous Garrison Resources.


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