How to Get Light Fused Gauntlets in Guild Wars 2

After the update of flameand frost on April, there is a new achievement reward: Light Fused Gauntlets.Maybe still some players haven’t get this achievement, you need to finish fiveseries of achievements about Living Story.Then you will get LightFused Gauntlets as a reward. Let’s introduce how to finish it.

Here are five series ofachievement you need to finish.

Refugee Volunteer,Lost and Found,The Gathering Storm,Secret Contact,Avenger of the Dispossessed

The strategy for theseachievements

1. Refugee Volunteer

You need to help refugeesin wayfarer foothills and diessaplateau this two maps. For example, you can repair landmarks, collect remains,revive refugees, etc.

2.Lost and Found

Find out 6 items lost by refugee and bring them back to Lion'sArch.

3. TheGathering Storm

Kill Light Fused army in wayfarerfoothills and diessa plateau, need to kill 150.

4. Secret Contact  

According to the analyzer to find out 12 items been lost.

5.Avenger of the Dispossessed

FinishRox’s Story and Braham:Help from the Legions.

At last ,finish the new dungeon : Molten Weapon Facility.