Hurry up for the Flying Mount

The activity for celebrating the Easter has been started from 28th of March.

Really want to say thanks to our hundreds and thousands of customers for your active participation. I’m sure the Reins of the Special Tiger has been waiting for you to raid. 

Here is a special thanks to Viktor Jarl whose character name is smellypalla. He is our loyal customer for years. He writes a detailed letter to us about his opinion on this activity and our company ,which we value a lot . Because his highly thought of our SSE, he is willing to spend his time on us. Again, thanks for his enthusiasm and great suggestions.

Hope more and more customers can give advice to SSE. With you, we will make progress day by day. 

Today is 5th. We have twelve days left for the activity .Hurry up, guys! Don’t miss the chance. The flying Mounts are waiting for your coming and taking away with them.

About more details please click here.