Instant completion of work orders with rush orders

Do you feel tired waiting for your garrison work orders to finish? Kinda waste of time? Here is a tip: you can acquire rush orders to instantly complete 5 active orders for a particular building in the latest patch.


How to acquire these rush orders, such as Rush Order: Engineering Works? There are a couple ways.


Firstly, there are new profession missions which become available based on the profession buildings you have in your garrison. If you have an Engineering Works, you should periodically get missions like You're Fired or The Wonder Gears which reward 2 or 3 of these rush orders. Followers with profession traits have an increased success chance on these missions as well.

Secondly, you can buy rush orders with Garrison Resources for non-profession buildings like the Barn and Gladiator's Sanctum. Currently it costs 1000 Garrison Resources per rush order, with the exception of the mine and garden which cost 300 each. Keep in mind this is PTR and all subject to change. And you can find something to spend your resources on if you have enough. That will be some other fun.