Interesting facts for legendary items in WOW

Believe it or not--sometimes you do need to try some wacky ways (metaphysically) to get what you want eagerly, for example, when you want legendary items in World of Warcraft: Legion. Here well share with you a few collected from wow-cn players. Do any of them before you start the game or a dungeon or a boss and pray for the best to come.

1.Shout out loud in chat channels your slogans or vows




2. Be sincere.



Other metaphysically ways, according to those players, include doing as many good deeds as possible, cleaning your hands before opening a chest...


Give them a try if you still havent got any legendary. If you have better ways or seen anyone doing similar things, share with us on our facebook. These all brings you good-looking ingame. (why you need to be good-looking?) ^^


Good luck!!