Justice system keeps things in balance in ArcheAge

Highly free, it can involve all kinds of activities in ArcheAge, legal or criminal. If not well-managed, the world would be in a mess. Luckily, that won’t happen in ArcheAge, there is a justice system in place to help keep things in balance—whether one committing a crime or getting punished.

Everybody has the ability to make a crime for performing distasteful acts, such as murdering players of the same faction and harvesting crops planted by others. For these acts, players will accumulate Crime Points once they are reported. Reporting a crime is based on the following evidence: Murders leaving a bloody spot on the ground; theft leaving a trail of footprints. Crime Points lead to two results:

1.      If a player has 50 or more Crime Points, they will be sent to trial and if proved guilty, they will be in prison. There is a process of jury and trial: those who pleading guilty will be sent directly to jail for the offered duration; those who wish to stand trial will be sent to court where they will be judged by 5 random jurors. (Jurors are selected from a pool of level 30+ players who have volunteered for Jury Duty. They will be presented a window listing the player’s criminal activity.) Jurors then vote Guilty or Not Guilty and the amount of votes determines the time the accused player will serve. Meanwhile, the current and lifetime crime points also determines the min and max time. If convicted, times can vary from 4 minutes to 20 hours.

There are only a few things one can do in prison: talk with other inmates; play soccer; break crates to obtain striped prison clothing; dig; kill rats and escape. The last one also means prison breaking. Surprisingly, this can be easy. Obtain a tower key by digging or killing rats; access the tower and glide away with a glider found inside. Keep in mind that the glider has a very short duration, so be agile. But the fact is you only have more space to go around, the activities are still limited until the sentenced time is up.

2.      If a player reaches more than 3000 crime points, they may become a pirate. Pirates have special bonus and unique gameplay though. They can create an Expedition Force, namely a Pirate Guild. Pirates are exempt from punishment when killing members of any faction but not for theft. All NPC on the Pirate Island are friendly to a Pirate where there are quests for them. They can also get a one hour lasting +1% damage buff on the Pirate Island. But Pirates can't talk to NPCs on the southern continents and they may be attacked by some guards.

Not all crime points should be redeemed. There are ways of redemption. Many quests scattered around the world yield rewards of lowering crime points. So don’t always worry about being sentenced.