Learn some crafting skills in ArcheAge

There are a lot of crafting skills for you in ArcheAge, including cultivation, planting, fishing and so on. Here we will share something of the three crafting skills so that you can make everything much easier in the game.

There are various crafting skills for you in ArcheAge. Cultivation is one of crafting, which can make money. You can cultivate different animals, such as poultry, swine, sheep, cattle and so on. Different animals require different needs as well as different harvest time. Of course, product you can gain is also different.
Take cows for example. Cows can be kept in your Pumpkin or safety zone around your house. Others can not grab or steal your cows. Please note that you can build your Pumpkin or house in the temperate climate of the map (press M to see the lower right corner and you can understand the climate characteristics of the map). Cows, can squeeze milk every seven hours under temperate climate. So you can squeeze three times a day; in other climates, once every 10 hours. Additionally, in the safety zone pumpkin covers, you can keep 20 cows in total.
You are able to exchange milk for gold with NPC. Or, you can sell milk to the cooker players. It is a steady income.
Based on harvest time and produce, you can plant all kinds of grain, fruit trees and other trees. Then you sell what you harvest to NPC, in which you can earn the amount of money. You can sell trees to other players to make boats as well.
Planting requires you to buy seeds or seedlings. If you don’t want to invest cost, you can gather wild trees. There are many trees everywhere. You go out to cut wild trees down and then sell them.

Fishing is one easy way of getting money.
First of all, you need to prepare a rod which you can make in the crafting station.
Secondly, you need earthworms (when you plant crops or gather, you have some chances to get earthworms).
Thirdly, you go to fish in the sea. You have to make your proficiency reach 20,000.
Fourthly, you can build a boat (not cheap) and take fishing rod, bait (you canmake in the crafting station) and hooks to the deep sea. You use radar to find fish. Then you can start to fish. In general, a boat has fish warehouse which contains five medium fish; two fish can be hung on the quarter.
Fishing is lucrative, but it can be risky. You should pay attention to the hostile robbery from other players. 

Have a good time there!