Leveling in World vs. World

World v. World is one of the core gametypes available to all players in Guild Wars 2.Blending elements of PvE and PvP on a massive scale, there is a bit of a steplearning curve for new players entering WvW for the first time. WvW can be avery quick way to level or a very slow way to level, depending on your world’sactivities and your location. You will get experience for killing otherplayers, capturing control points, defending control points, for any NPCs thatyou kill, and any other general activity that would normally grant experience.Experience gain is a flat percentage based on your participation and theactivity, so you’ll gain the same percentage of a level after level 15 for anyactivity that you do.

This meansthat no matter your choice way of leveling, you’ll always progress through thelevels at roughly the same speed. With PvE, you can sort of level at a steadypace because there is always events running in a zone, but in WvW, it’s a bitdifferent. You’ll need to flip control points in order to have a steady flow ofexperience coming in..