Lose your CD keys?

Every  World of Warcraft game CD has its own activation key . The activation key allows players to play the game without taking along with the CD keys or CDs. But if you lose your World of Warcraft CD keys,  what should you do? 
Well, if you have the original game CD, you will easily find the CD keys on CD itself. But if you lose your original game CD, it is unfortunately that you also lose your CD keys.  You have to buy a new one. 
The guest users also can use the CD keys. They don’t have a regular account of the game, but they will play the game by using a guest account. It means they have to activate the WOW CD keys every time they log in to play the game. These CD keys will give you a limited time for playing game. If you have run out of the time you will need to buy a new one to activate your guest account so that you can log in next time.
The time cards or game time cards are prepaid for you playing the World of Warcraft within a limited time. This is not the same as the World of Warcraft CD keys, and you need to have an active World of Warcraft account to have these cards.