Lucky you for in ArcheAge Closed Beta Event 3

ArcheAge’s Closed Beta Event 3: Blood& Bounty has begun! This third event started at 10:00 AM PDT(GMT-7), August 14 and will run until the same time on Monday, August 18! Are you in?

It’s really a pity if you didn’t get an invitation, but there are other ways—Alpha and Founder player. They have access to all betas. So if there is CBE 4 or more and you really want to have a try, a Founder’s Pack will make it come true. But if you want to save the money, you can also sign up on the official ArcheAge website and other partner sites (Alienware, Razer, Raptr,, ZAM, IGN, PCGamesN,MMOHuts, OnRPG, MMOGames,,, and to receive an invitation or a giveway if you’re among the lucky ones.  

Anyway, hope you have fun.