Move on before WOW’s 10th anniversary ends

It’s WOW’s 10th anniversary and Blizzard has had a celebration. I took part in too and boosted my character to Lvl 90 right before its deadline. I am a completely newbie and master few strategies and am not able to experience more challengeable events. But I hope you won’t miss them—raids and pvp battleground.


The celebration will be ended on January 5, 2015. That’s a week left. If you haven’t done Molten Core, for instance, you’d better move on in the next week, for they are taking a leave once the anniversary is over.


Molten Core's 40-man LFR experience

Completing Molten Core will earn you an ilvl 640 epic helm as well as the Core Hound Chain that will give you a Corehound of your very own to ride -- but there's also a chance to pick up Hatespark the Tiny, a new Battle Pet, and the Flames of Ragnaros, a special cosmetic item that will give your weapon a fiery glow


Southshore vs. Tarren Mill PvP battleground

Winning a battle on either Alliance or Horde side will net you an achievement as well as a special account-wide title, Southshore Slayer, or Tarren Mill Terror.


To queue for Molten Core, you'll need an ilvl of 615, but that's relatively easy to get at level 100. Once the anniversary event is over, these items and achievements will no longer be available -- so you'll want to get a move on if you want to collect and complete them all before they're gone for good.