Mythic Highmaul first down by Paragon

After around 1 week of competition between 9 Guilds around the world, Paragon successfully claimed the first down of the Mythic difficulty of Highmaul yesterday. Congratulations on their great success.

Here is the rank:


Paragon is a Finland guild grew in the time of WLK. And in the CTM, they claimed the first down of all Raids. But due to the personnel changes, they are out of title race of the MoP raids. This time, they came back to Warlords of Draenor and successfully got the first down of Mythic Highmaul to announce the king has returned.


Special attention is given to Style, a Chinese guild. As you can see from the following picture, they rank the 4th down Imperator Mar’gok. But they caught up with Экзорсусand finish The Butcher 6 minutes ahead of them. Good job, guys.