Official guide (latest): Unlocking Flying in Legion

The latest lying guide from Blizzard:

Want to earn your wings in Legion? Here’s how to complete Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two on the Broken Shore—unlocking flying for all your characters.


There are three achievements you’ll need to complete to take to the skies:

  • Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One
  • Explore Broken Shore
  • Legionfall Commander

We’ve put together some information on each, with handy links to guides we’ve written along the way.

Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One

The first part of Pathfinder breaks down into five achievements:

  • Broken Isles Explorer: Discover all the hidden areas of the world map on the Broken Isles. We have a guide for some of the trickier spots to find.
  • Loremaster of Legion: Complete the main story quests in Legion’s five original zones. There’s even a guide that walks you through the Suramar requirements.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Complete 100 different World Quests, as explained in the walkthrough.
  • Broken Isles Diplomat: Earn Revered with each zone’s faction. This can be achieved by questing through the zones and doing the associated Emissary quests.
  • A Glorious Campaign: Complete your Order Hall campaign! There’s even a guide to Order Hall greatness.

Explore Broken Shore

Your mission is to reveal all the covered areas of the world map in the new zone, the Broken Shore. Mount up and get moving—you’ll have this one wrapped up before you know it.

These are the areas to discover:

  • Deliverance Point
  • Deadwood Landing
  • Soul Ruin
  • Broken Valley
  • The Weeping Terrace
  • Tomb of Sargeras
  • Felrage Strand
  • Felfire Pass

Legionfall Commander

There is a new faction to find favor with: the Armies of Legionfall. Earn Revered reputation with them by completing various quests, including the story of the Broken Shore, World Quests, constructing buildings on the Broken Shore, and more. From the very first quest in Patch 7.2, Assault on the Broken Shore, you start to build up your reputation. You’ll be fast friends in no time.

Take to the Skies!

When the achievements are completed and handed in, call up your favorite flying mount and explore the Broken Isles from a whole new perspective. The eerie beauty of Suramar City, the lush lands of Val’sharah, the rocky heights of Stormheim—all under your wings as you zoom from zone to zone.

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