Patch 7.2: Unlocking flying via Pathfinder achievement. Other choices possible?

Flying is introduced to Legion Patch 7.2. Similar to Draenor Pathfinder, it will be unlocked across all characters on your account and is gated behind two achievements. The first achievement Variety is the Spice of Life—part of Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One has been released and 100 world quests have to be done from among over 800 different World Quests that pop up on the map. (MORE)

World quest has always been on hot spot ever since Legion launched as a large part of players never thought it’s interesting, lazy and boring instead, let alone you have to finish so many world quests to get the achievement.

So some players have the idea why not offer more choices to let everyone happy: buy flying with wow gold? Another modest or more challenging achievement set as they want?

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