Pokemon Go starter tips to easier play the game

Catching the world like a storm overnight, the latest Pokemon game for IOS and Android allows players to use VR and real-world locations to catch pokemons. It wins so many hardcore players in a short time. While youre ready to put heart and soul in this game, you may find you might need some instructions: Where can I find rare pokemon? How to easier catch them? What to do with startdust and candy?...

Lets skip the basic ones like how to catch pokemons, what is stardust. Here wed like to offer some tips that help you go better and easier in the game.

1. Pokemons are mostly appear in well-populated area, like parks, tourist attractions, and shopping centers. And rare ones, as the games setting goes, are close to the environment in which they live, water pokemons near bodies of water, and so on.

2. When capturing a pokemon, hold you finger on the pokeball. There will be a circle around the pokemon. Hold the ball till the circle becomes the smallest and then release. Also the circle has certain colors, which indicates the difficulty of this capture. Green is the easiest, orange medium and red hard. So, waiting for the perfect time to throw a ball is the key to capture a pokemon successfully.

3. When you hit a PokeStop and want to collect the items, you can just hit the X at the bottom to collect all. This could work quite well especially when you are on some public transportation, such as a bus or a train. Keep your phone open. When it starts spinning a PokeStop nearby, hit the X button as your bus or train passes one will help collect all the items in a fast and effective way.

4. Just capture every pokemon you can. If you do not want them, just sell them to the professor for candies. Do not evolve a pokemon too early. Youll find higher-starting level pokemons when your character levels up. Wisely pick a champion, and use your stardust and candies especially for those few for further battles in a gym.

5. Since strong data and GPS are needed to keep Pokemon Go work, out of battery is a big issue especially when you should travel a long way. Enable the battery-saving mode and take an external battery case or USB battery pack with you. Any disconnection will require you to quit an relaunch.