The level cap has been removed in PARAGON2.0, so you will always be able to earnParagon experience once you've reached max level. Play as much as youlike—you'll always be able to earn more Paragon levels!


All Normalheroes on an account will share a Paragon level. After patch 2.0.1 goeslive, any Paragon experience you gain on your Normal or Hardcore heroes will contribute toyour account's Normal Shared Paragon level or Hardcore Shared Paragon level,respectively.


As noted, the third change is that therewards for gaining Paragon levels have drastically changed. In Patch 2.0.1,the static Magic Find, Gold Find, and class stat bonuses awarded for eachParagon level are being replaced by spendable Paragon Points.

In the new system, whenever you gain aParagon level, you will receive a Paragon Point to allocate at your discretion.Paragon Points are earned in four separate categories: Core, Offense, Defense,and Utility, and the Paragon level you earn will determine the category inwhich that Paragon Point can be spent. Paragon level 1 will give you a point tospend in a Core stat, Paragon level 2 will give you a point in Offense, Paragonlevel 3 will give you a point to spend in Defense, and Paragon level 4 willgive you a point to spend in Utility. Paragon Point progression for all futurelevels will follow this same pattern (sometimes referred to as round-robin).