Reasons why you should play Pokemon Go

In the short time since its first release in the US, Australia and New Zealand, the app Pokemon Go has surpassed WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat in time spent on the app, and is neck-and-neck with Twitter for daily active users! Millions of people have downloaded it and it became an overnight phenomenon. 

News has gone that people were injured or even killed when playing Pokemon Go, and neighborhoods are stuck. Despite the negativity, this game surely has its goodsthat every player enjoys some and make it the most popular ever.

1.It’s a fashion trend.

Yes, every one in available countries with a smart phone can play this game. Showing off those little cute animals you’ve caught on social media indicates you are in the center of the fashion. What can be better than sharing the fashion with friends!

2.It brings us more exercise.

There is always a reason not going to the gym or a run. Now you don’t even need a reason. Pokemon Go helps you get out of sofa and take a hike that you don’t really feel like exercise, but you do enjoy a lot.

3.It helps build mental health too.

People meet and socialize with new friends, which makes them a lot happier. There are great benefits when getting out to get some fresh air and bring a smile.

4.It’s a lot of fun.

With the virtual world and real world combined together, you can always find fun. It’s just like photoshop and you can put two images together while they are from different world. Use your imagination!

5.It helps you know better about new places.

Pokestops are everywhere, at plagues and important places. While players gathered at a stop, a historical one, during the gathering, you sure will know much from others about this place.

6.It helps adults escaping from the increasingly scary world.

Adults are living in a world that they can barely stand the whole chaos stuff, especially the recent terrorism, violence. What a relief if we can escape from it by indulging in something else, like chasing pokemons.

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