Scroll of Resurrection-For Wow

    Blizzard recently re-launched the World of Warcraft Scroll of Resurrection with new mounts, instant character boosts

to level 80, free upgrades to Cataclysm for players who don’t own all the expansions, and much more. Today, sse-games

would like to share something about the finer points of this powerful new way to reconnect with your friends in Azeroth.

How the rewards work

    The Scroll of Resurrection provides your returning friends with an upgrade to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, seven days

of free play time, and special character rewards for one of their characters. The character rewards are designed so that the two

of you can play together as soon as possible, and include a boost to level 80 if your friend's chosen character is below 80, a

free realm transfer if their character is on a different realm than yours, and a free faction change if their character is a different

faction than yours. Please note: Your returning friend can only apply all of these benefits to one character.

    The Scroll of Resurrection is a limited promotion. Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity.

Sse-games Team