Skyforge CBT impression

Right now Skyforge is in its 3rd CBT. If you haven’t got a key or still don't know the game, then just read this—the impression from someone who has played it.

Skyforge still surprises us, even after the second closed beta. Let’s take a look at what both tests left us.

What we have been able to see to date has impressed us in terms of playability: Skyforge manages to attract new players to the genre while delivering a truly entertaining product to veterans. By playing the tutorial, we will notice that it’s not recommendable to take it lightly. If you make bad choices during the tutorial to complete it fast, you will suffer the consequences. 

The class change is a fact: you can switch your class any time during the game, so if a team needs to do a change in the middle of a battle, any member can change his class. But a great flexibility doesn’t imply that the game is easy; we’ve only tested the classes Lightbinder(support), Paladin (tank) and Cryomancer (damage – DPS), but we have to take into account that the developer confirmed 10 more classes for the official release: Gunner (damage – DPS), Berserker (damage – DPS), Archer (damage –DPS), Warlock/Witch (damage – DPS), Kinetic (damage – DPS), Slayer (damage –DPS), Monk (damage – DPS), Alchemist (support), Knight (tank), and Necromancer(damage - DSP). You will have tons of options to choose from. 

The skills upgrading system, ‘Ascension Atlas’, based on nodes, has been recently modified to be more customizable. It looked more lineal in the first test, so there were not many chances of deciding which skill to boost and in what order. A modification we consider a wise move.

The quest system is also different: almost all the quests are available from the beginning of the game, so there’s no need to complete a set of missions to be able to undertake the next set. 

Battles are amazing: you can use powers to make lots of combos and you can even “finish” the enemies when they’re almost dead - something that reminds us of Mortal Combat’s ‘fatalities’ system.

To sum up, this game is all about innovation. Skyforge introduces deep changes in the genre, which are supported by high quality graphics and plot innovations, like the sci-fi elements. All of this makes us think that we will be talking a lot about Skyforge, which open beta is going to be released the third quarter of the year.