SSE Christmas events for all our members

Merry Christmas!! During this great time, sse has prepared a series of events for you.


1. Member Shop

All members can use your points to exchange certain goods we offer, without any cash.

Note: If you don’t have enough points for a product, you are not able to buy it.


2. Member Points

During member’s day, 50 points will be equal to 2 USD. 

Note: FIFA is excluded in this event. Try to use your points timely because at the end of the year, all your points will be cleared.


3. Flash Sales

At 15:00/17:00/19:00 GMT+1 every day during the events time, we would provide big discount for specific and limited goods. Seize the chance.

Note: Once a product has been ordered, others would not be able to order for the same product. And once you successfully order, you have to pay within 30 minutes, otherwise your order will be invalid, and this product can still be ordered by others.


Good luck!