Sse-games new member system is online now !


Sse-games Affiliate Program

     Member classification: Members will be named by Page, Squire, Knight or Lord according to their points.

How to be a Lord?

    Register and join our member Affiliate system to get certain points and money, the Accumulated points will determine Your Grade.

(Explain: 1. Discount $1 need 50points/60points/70points/80points 2. You won’t be downgrade after shopping by points.)

How to earn points?

1. Each of your consumption on our site will be rewarded with points(1 USD=1.0 point; 1 EUR=1.2 points; 1 GBP=1.3 points).

2. Get (5%* consumption amount) points from each Auction House delivery.

3. Get points by Affiliate Program. How?

4. Get points on your birthday/large festival
                            Page:50 points
                            Squire: 80 points
                            Knight: 150 points
                            Lord: 200 points

5. Like our Facebook get 10 points.

6. Each of your consumption on our site can be converted to points. (1 USD=1.0 point; 1 EUR=1.2 points; 1 GBP=1.3 points).

7. New register member gets 10 points.

8. Rating sse-games gets 10 points each time.

9. Sales promotion bonus.

Make money (Affiliate Program)?

    Wanna get part-time job to make money? sse-games is your choice! Register here /sign in to make money now


    You can choose the following methods to make money.

    Recommend People to Purchase

    Make Videos for sse-games to Make Money

    Write Good Reviews for SSE-GAMES on your Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Forum

    Refer sse-games on Social Networking Sites

    Spread your sse-games Gift Code to others