Swtor Beginner’s Guide for Jedi Knight


Jedi Knights are best used for extremely-close range melee combat against multiple targets. This is due to their high resistance to damage and high speed attack combinations.

When approaching a cluster of enemies at long-range, Jedi Knights have the ability to Force Leap across great distances to enter the heat of battle in an instant.

In situations where enemies have you surrounded completely, a Jedi Knight can create a buffer zone by using a shockwave of Force energy to knock them down or push them backwards in unison.

After receiving the lightsaber, the Jedi Knight class allows you to string together various combination attacks across multiple enemies. Each of these attacks is designed towards executing a finishing maneuver that no enemy can withstand.


While long-range attacks are possible by throwing your lightsaber like a boomerang, these strikes are difficult to aim and take time to complete, leaving you vulnerable in the process.

A Jedi Knight’s reliance on melee attacks, requires consistent exposure to enemy fire so that you can strike at close-range. This makes you highly susceptible to dying every time a battle takes place, more so than other classes.

Strong finishing attacks can only be executed after you have sufficiently filled a Jedi Knight’s Force gauge. The gauge is filled through a succession of combination strikes and eventually disappears if not used in a certain amount of time.

What is the Opening Story:

As a Padawan learner, you begin this adventure en route to the planet of Tython to complete your training. After arriving, you must locate a renowned Jedi master to receive your final challenge: investigate the local village and protect it from the evil forces that have invaded the area. As the initial quest continues, you work towards earning the rank of Jedi Knight and honing your proficiency with the force.